1,440 Minutes = # of Minutes We All Have In Each Day

30 Minutes - # of Recommended Minutes for Daily Moderate Aerobic Activity/Exercise to Maintain A Healthy Heart and Healthy Weight

20 Minutes - # of Recommended Minutes of Vigorous Aerobic (Cardio) Activity/Exercise to Maintain a Healthy Heart, Healthy Weight and Help Aid In Weight Loss

10 Minutes - # of  Minutes Proven To Be Effective in Performing Moderate or Vigorous Exercise 3 Times Throughout the Day (to Equal 30 Minutes Moderate or 20 Minutes Vigorous)

1 Minute -  Approximate Amount Of Time American's Spend Making Excuses or Talking Themselves Out of Physical Activity or Exercising

How We Spend Our Days Is How We End Up Spending Our Lives!

Take It One Minute At A Time, One Day At A Time, One Bite At A Time!