Take 2

What if you were given something that could make your life feel and flow easier? Something that made you more relaxed, more mindful, less stressed and even happier? What if you were given this free, priceless gift today? Would you take it?

If you answered "Heck Yes!", or something close to that acceptance, I'm happy to offer you a new vibe and welcome you to the tribe. The tribe of living more mindfully & aware, more at peace and lighter, more grateful and closer to who you were meant to be.

Take this gift - the gift of time - just 2 minutes for yourself. 2 minutes to re-channel, release any uneasiness or stress, and regroup. I give you the gift of my  Top 3 Favorite (and proven) Ways to Instantly De-stress, Decompress, BEcome More Mindful and Shift Your Vibe:

1. Just 2 minutes to breathe deeply. Close your eyes, relax your shoulders, get still and Breathe slowly in through your nose and hold for 2 counts, then release your breath through your mouth (pursed lips). Repeat this breathing pattern 4-5 times as you feel your body relax and remain mindful with your breath and pay attention to how your body responds to this release.

2. Just 2 minutes to write down 3-5 things you are grateful for today. Reflect on how your gratitude makes you feel and the importance those gifts are to your life. Are you mindful and truly present with these things & people or have you taken them for granted? Express your gratitude and appreciation to those people & for those things that come to mind. Gratitude is the path to happiness!

3. Just 2 minutes to "Tune In" to soft classical or nature sounds music & Tune Out everything else. When was the last time you got still and changed the music channel to create the vibe of calmness and peace? It's amazing how the sounds of nature or soft classical music (search your smartphone music stations or car radio) can instantly soothe our minds and release us from the hustle and bustle around us.

There are 1,440 minutes in each day. Give yourself the gift of taking 2 of them at least once a day to mindfully practice one of these three mindfulness, healthy and happy habits. Repeat the 2 minute practice throughout the day as often as you feel called or as you experience the instant benefits and find yourself wanting more of that feeling. Notice the shift that you can create in living more mindfully, peacefully and happier. One deep breath, one expression of gratitude, one tune in to soothing music at a time.

One Bite At A Time.

With Love and Light, Susan