Vision Board '15

In January 2015, I posted a picture of a typewriter with a piece of paper that read, "My Book" on my vision board (pictured here). Last week, on January 10th, my vision manifested itself into the release and publication of my book. Now available on Amazon!

It took more than simply pasting a picture on my vision board. If only it were that easy! Manifesting my dream of writing a book and sharing my story to help others meant putting into action what the visual image of a typewriter that read "my book" represented to me. It meant "putting my ass where my heart wanted to be," which is the supporting quote of one of the lessons in my book.

Putting myself where my heart wanted to be meant putting myself in front of my keyboard to write and do the work. To "act as if" I were a published author. It involved attending a writer's workshop in Chicago to learn about how to write and publish my book. It involved a year and a half of research and attending webinars to learn about the writing, editing, content structuring, publishing and marketing process.

It meant embracing the process (another one of my book's lessons learned) and taking it all "one bite at a time". Book Cover - Smaller

Reminding myself of what I teach, that it's never too late when I questioned whether I could actually finish my book and get it published. It meant staying true to my intention, even when I didn't feel like writing, or when I found myself wondering if I would every finish and second guessing myself. Along the way, I've learned even more about the power of visualization and how to manifest our dreams into a reality. How to create the life we really want. There's always more to learn and new methods to practice manifesting our dreams, visions and thoughts into reality.

I'm excited to offer two workshops this month and share what I've learned the last two years about how to  harness the power of visualization. How to leverage our internal "super human power", a power we all have within (another lesson in my book!). I hope you'll join me as part of your journey to seek, grow, explore and have fun learning about how to put your super human power to work in your life. Check out the details here  and reserve your spot for either this coming Sunday, January 22nd or Sunday, January 29th, 3:00-5:00 PM. Seating is limited so register today, share with a friend & reserve your spot.

If you'd like to learn more about "my book" and read about my transformational journey and the 7 life lessons I share, you can order your copy here. As a fellow seeker and visualizer, it would be an honor to share my story with you!

With Love and Light, Susan