Thank you! Thank you for taking a moment to dedicate a few minutes of your day today to explore how you can harness the power (your "internal power) of gratitude.
Gratitude is more than a simple matter of pleasantries or good manners, it's a total game changer in transforming how you feel, react to difficult situations, manage stress and live your life. Gratitude IS the basis of overall health and wellness and to living a happy, fulfilling life!
A signature piece of my coaching approach, as well as what I practice in my own life, is to focus on how you want to FEEL and remember who you want to BE on a daily basis and when faced with unhealthy temptations or situations to help keep on track of your goals, dreams, intentions and living your best, healthiest, happiest, most inspired life.
Setting a daily intention of gratitude is not only a form of meditation, but an effective mindfulness strategy in overcoming challenges, improving relationships, creating more happiness, boosting energy, feeling and becoming healthier, more resilient, compassionate and all around consistently happy and less stressed.   Many studies have shown that consistently grateful people are more energetic, emotionally intelligent, forgiving, and less likely to be depressed, anxious, or lonely. In my recently released book, One Bite At A Time, A True Story of Transformational Change & 7 Life Lessons Learned to Help You Live Your Best, Healthiest, Happiest, Most Inspired Life, I share how Harvard researcher and author, Shawn Achor teaches us in his book, "The Happiness Advantage"  how we can choose our "positive reality".

Shawn shares that "when researches pick random volunteers and train them to be more grateful over a period of a few weeks, they become happier and more optimistic, feel more socially connected, enjoy better quality sleep, and even experience fewer headaches than control groups."
So, ready to join the gratitude tribe , harness your internal power and get you some of those good, consistent vibes?
Here's 3 Ways To How To:

1. Write It Down - journal and or write down 3-5 things daily you are grateful for. Be consistent and mindful and try to identify new things each day you're grateful for. Think about how your gratitude list makes you feel as you write and reflect.
2. Choose Gratitude Over Fear or Resentment - by choosing gratitude for the experience or the challenge, we reframe the story we tell ourselves and create an opportunity to grow and thrive, not just survive.
3. Set a Daily Intention of Gratitude - wake up to having thanks for breathing in the gift of another new day. Express gratitude for the little morning rituals you normally take for granted or even resent "having to do" and instead choose gratitude for "getting to do" these things and for what lies ahead in your day.
By starting and ending your day with a mindful practice of gratitude, you'll set the tone for your thoughts, feelings, reality and your overall life.
For as one of my favorite quotes reminds us "How we spend our days is how we spend our lives!"

Cheers to living your life gratefully and more fully!
One Gratitude Practice, One Day and "One Bite At A Time."

With Love and Light, Susan