You've probably heard by now that meditation is something you should try out. Meditation isn't just the latest health buzz or stress-busting trend, it's been around for almost 5,000 years (just like Yoga) and it's here to stay!

Not only are more and more people discovering the overall health and wellness benefits of meditation, more of us are seeking ways to reduce and manage stress, anxiety, depression and unhealthy distractions without relying on medication.  

Ever notice that the only difference in the words medication and meditation is the 't' in meditation replaces the 'c' in medication? What if you chose  to slow down, pour a cup of tea and just get still, replacing the sea of busyness in your mind?

I like to add in a little meditation in my day by pouring a cup of tea, getting still and quieting my mind and connecting with my breath, as I let go of any stress or junk in my head. Meditation can be that simple! I particularly like the Yogi brand of tea bags (pictured above on my mug) because they come with an inspirational quote on the tea bag tag. "Kindness is the gift of life" so give yourself some kindness through taking time to meditate!

Meditation isn't just for the "Zen, laid back people", it's a rock star move  in changing the way we feel and live on a daily basis. Everyone from busy executives to busy moms are finding more peace, calmness, clarity, connectedness and happiness as a result of practicing mediation. Meditation is a mindfulness strategy that not only works, it's always accessible and always at our fingertips - literally.

So, before I share five (out of hundreds) reasons you'll be glad you give meditation a try, let's address one of the five reasons you may be thinking you can't meditate or that it's just not for you. Any of these excuses come to mind?

1. "But it sounds so boring! Maybe, but what a relief to have a few minutes when you're not obligated to be somebody or do something.

2. "I can't sit still" It's ok to fidget. Meditation is a process (remember to embrace the process!) that develops with practice. 

3. "I don't have time" With 1,1440 minutes in the day, take 5 and start practicing. I'll bet you'll find that by slowing down and getting still will help you use the rest of your time better.

4. "I'm not comfortable being alone" Well, you're not alone in that feeling. Even more reason to take time for some solitude and reconnect with yourself. It's not as uneasy as you think and it may just make it feel easier when you're alone. 

5. "My mind is too busy/fast" Oh how I relate to this one! So, how's that working for you? If this is your excuse then even more reason you should give meditation a try and help settle your mind. I'm proof it helps calm a busy mind.

Try not to psych yourself out, just give it a try and see for yourself how you feel after and throughout the day. If you're like millions of others who practice meditation regularly, you may notice one or all of these
5 benefits to practicing meditation:

1. Less Stress - Mindfulness decreases stress and stress causes many illnesses.

2. Better Connection & Improved Relationships - Getting still and quiet and connecting with yourself helps you be more present and connect with others, thus improving your relationships.

3. Improved Focus & Clarity - Meditation hones our ability to focus and to see more clearly.

4. Reduced Brain Chatter - Stop the insanity! Do you really want such a busy, chattering mind? Meditation gives your mind a break and quiets the noise, thus creating more peace and calmness.

5. Understanding of Unhealthy/Negative Emotions - Mental and emotional pain and anxiety are background noise that affects much of what we do and how we feel. Mediation helps see and connect to what's causing it, thus taking back our control. 

One Meditation Practice, One Day and "One Bite At A Time."

With Love and Light, Susan