Feeling stuck inside with the extreme cold temperatures? Conduct a Household Cleanse and Donate to Your Favorite Charity. This is a great opportunity to take inventory and clean out your (and your kid's) closets and rid of the clothes, shoes an accessories you didn't wear last Spring or Summer (which means you probably won't wear them this season), and clothes that just don't fit!

Professional Ladies - Clear out your professional clothes and business suits and donate to your local Dress For Success! Empower other women vs. allowing your suits that you don't wear anymore to take up space in your closet, cluttering your life.

Take stock of cabinets and storage closets with knick knacks, home décor and other things you just don't need. Then take your items to a donation center - Goodwill, a women's center, your church or whatever charity you think can benefit from your donations.

Simplify your life & make a difference for your overall health and wellness!