We are exactly One Week away from the end of January 2014. If you're like many American's, your well-intended efforts to take charge of your health and implement healthier eating and or exercise into your routine, or better yet, make it part of your LIFESTYLE, you may be finding that you're already slipping away from your goals. If not, congratulations and keep it up, one day at a time!

To help get back on track or, to stay on track with your goals and creating healthy habits for a lifetime of healthy living, take time this weekend to conduct a Month End Self Review. Review your 2014 Goals or Resolutions and write down what you've already accomplished and are actively working on - SMILE and remind yourself YOU CAN DO IT!

Then write down what you're having challenges with - WHY you haven't yet started to work towards a goal or new habit, WHY you started to implement/change but already stopped and then  DIG DEEP to reflect on WHY and what is stopping you?

As you reflect and review what you want for yourself in 2014 and better yet, for your overall life, write down and commit to at least ONE THING you will start and work on this coming week. Break it down, ONE BITE AT A TIME, ONE DAY AT A TIME AND ONE GOAL/RESOLUTION AT A TIME!