Exercise Affirmations

Whether it's burnout, frustration, or just getting started, we all need a bit of extra motivation at some point, even when we are self-motivated and really want the end result! Some weeks we're totally on top of our exercise and some weeks or days we need a little extra motivation to keep going - that's life.

I'm a firm believer in the power of positive affirmations and you've heard me say many times that we become whatever follows after we say, "I Am".

Affirmations are especially important and powerful when we aren't feeling the way we want to feel or getting a result we want.....yet. So I often coach my clients to declare an affirmation that you want to feel and believe and repeat it and do the work to make it so. Kind of like this week's Sunday Spiritual Fitness Tip - "Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Is" and the rest will come!

So, for this week, choose 3 of these exercise motivation affirmations (1 that you feel now and 2 that you want to feel more of) and repeat them out loud each morning and throughout the day when you need a boost, a reminder or some motivation. At the end of 7 days, see how this daily practice of declaring your exercise affirmations has helped you throughout the week. My bet is you will feel more like the fit and healthier person you want to be and that you will have worked a little harder to become.

One Bite At A Time & One Day At A Time!