You made goals/resolutions to start off January to take action to exercise regularly, lose weight, get in shape, step away from unhealthy habits, live a healthier lifestyle or whatever your health and fitness goals are. So, it's now January 11th, a third of the way through the month and we've had snow & below freezing temps ................ and maybe you've been snowed in and delayed in getting out to the gym, or to meet with your Trainer and you've been staying inside..........not moving much and eating all day.

Sound familiar?

Don't let this be another excuse to prevent you from doing the work and taking action to create & live the healthy lifestyle you deeply desire! Start fresh this weekend, revisit your goals, shop for and prepare your healthy food (See My Menu Plan & Grocery List at "Charts & Resources Link) and snacks for the week, exercise & stretch and approach Monday with a fresh start - being stronger than your excuses as you weather the storm, whatever life brings your way!

So, how do you do this? Refer back to #2  on my "Healthy Habits Checklist" in the January Health & Fitness Challenge - Set Your Intention for the Day and Give Thanks. Practice this each day and put your energy to your Intention for the Day (and the week) so you can pull from your internal strength (your Internal Power) to accomplish what you really want to make happen and live your best, healthiest life!