Here's not just a Heart Healthy Tip, but a Lifetime Healthy Tip:  Keeping on top of your health is a full time job, especially when your body is telling you something just isn't right! Having a support system is not only critical to our health, but studies show that people who have a Health Advocate - someone who supports, asks questions and takes notes at medical appointments, encourages healthy eating and exercise habits, and follows up to help you understand and keep on top of your health and/or what's going on when you're not feeling well or something doesn't feel right, can be the difference maker in early detection, prevention, proper diagnosis, health success, healing and recovery.

A Health Advocate can be a friend, spouse/partner, sibling, child or a Certified Health Coach. Identify someone in your life to be your Health Advocate and identify who YOU can be a Health Advocate for. Have the conversation and discuss any health concerns, especially surrounding heart disease related conditions such as unhealthy weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, sleeping problems, extreme fatigue, and other aches or pains. You could just save a life or help someone live a better life!