We all have 1,440 Minutes in the Day and we all know the #1 Excuse of why American's don't make time for exercise is lack of time. So, get up just 15 minutes earlier than usual to make time for stretching and 10 minutes of exercise to kick start your day on the right note (healthy, energized, positive note!).

As My Daily Tips have referenced, not only are morning exercisers more successful in maintaining and adhering to their health and fitness regimens, but 10 Minutes makes a difference and IS effective, especially when performed at least 3 times throughout the day for the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise for heart health and maintaining a healthy weight!

For all of you non-morning folks (like myself) I know what you're thinking - getting up any earlier isn't an option you've tried or considered. So ask yourself is the 15 minutes of sleep worth choosing to neglect fitting in 10 minutes of exercise to help lead the way to becoming your healthiest, fittest self?