Sunrise Walk, Myrtle Beach

As part of creating a sustainable Lifestyle of Health and Fitness vs. a diet or extreme exercise program (which are short term and setups for failure of long term success), practicing our healthy habits while traveling and on vacation are key to long term success. As many of us prepare to get away to warmer weather for a much needed Spring Getaway, Here are my Top 5 Tips to Stay on Track While on Spring Break:

1. Pack your exercise clothes and tennis shoes to stay active on vacation & have fun exploring your destination on foot, bike or trying a local fitness studio. Make fitness part of your daily activities and remember to play and have fun!

2. Hit the grocery store for healthy staples (breakfast, lunch and snack foods) and plan some of your meals just as you would at home to help prevent over indulging on unhealthy meals and snacks. If you're not staying at a condo or don't have access to a kitchen, you can still pack or shop for healthy snacks to have on hand.

3. Hydrate Throughout The Day - Pack your favorite water bottle or buy a case of water bottles at your destination to ensure access to clean drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated if outdoors and in the sun. Remember to start your day with water and alternate water if consuming alcoholic beverages.

4. 80/20 - Yes, even on vacation if you really want to create a Healthy Lifestyle! So, 80% of your vacation, keep it clean (clean eating choices) and active and enjoy your favorite indulgences the rest of the time. Try breaking it down daily to stay on track.

5. Embrace Each Moment - Unplug and be present with the people you are with. Relax and enjoy each moment and experience while on vacation. Have gratitude for the luxury to get away and take a vacation. Allow yourself to "Just Be" as you Inhale all of the good and Exhale away any stress! Start a new tradition of getting up to hit the beach for an early morning walk one day to watch the sunrise, as is one of my very favorite beach rituals.

This is one of my favorite vacation photos and an example of embracing each moment. One of our family traditions was to get up early on our last full day to watch the sunrise and take a long walk on the beach. I will always treasure these memories with Trent and the kids. As my daughter turns 15 on Spring Break this year, she asked if we could get up early on her birthday to head to the beach and watch the sunrise for a early beach walk and of course I was overjoyed that she is ready to do this again. This is what Life is about and one of the overall healthiest ways I like to embrace vacation!