Dedication Bench at Ft. Benjamin Park, discovered on my new walking path.

Dedication Bench at Ft. Benjamin Park, discovered on my new walking path.

It's in the air. A change of seasons, moving us through one season of our life to the next. As we transition from the sizzling days of Summer to the sights, sounds and changing schedule demands of Fall, the days get shorter and time continues to pass us by. If you're feeling like a lot of people I've heard from recently, that in addition to feeling unmotivated, there seems to be a feeling going around of dissatisfaction, discontentment, a need for a change or a curiosity about what else could be. It's in the air. Are you feelin' it too?

In theme with our evolving "One Bite At A Time" practice to slow down, embrace the process and remember our "To Be" List, these feelings of discontentment and curiosity bring about an opportunity to refresh and renew by simply trying something new. It sounds so simple, but it works! Try something new to renew what's already within you. To wake up to that part of you that yearns for something more or perhaps even discover your heart's desire.

I found myself  in the last few weeks faced with some challenges and feeling the need to explore with curiosity what could be next. Feeling the need for a change, and something new to challenge and guide me through the season ahead, I was faced with, "what's next? In a season that for me represents overcoming a season of grief and anniversary dates.  Knowing I have to work harder to get through these times, I've found that pouring myself into something new, preparing my body and my mind by challenging myself with new opportunities to grow helps me move through, heal and overcome these feelings.

So I began the process of searching - both within and outwardly.  Getting still, praying, meditating, researching and seeking out ways I could grow both personally and professionally led me to a place I would have never imagined. To a place that now makes complete sense and is where I know I'm meant to be. Seeking out the familiar in a new way brought out what was already within me. It brought me back to the mat. At the heart of Yoga is the desire to grow. My heart's desire to grow, for change and to seek out the new, helped me begin the experience and journey of renewal. Trying something new renewed that which was already within me.

Your path to try something new may also lead you to a place you've never considered or perhaps one that you've frequently considered but never made the choice to explore. However you choose to experience trying out the new, pay attention to how you feel and where it leads you. It may be something as simple as trying out a new walking path, fitness routine or activity, a new restaurant in an area of town you never venture out into, a new class or workshop, reading a new book, beginning a new morning ritual, a new hair style or perhaps a whole new look. Maybe it's trying out a new way of doing something you already enjoy but are getting bored with, or paying attention to something that isn't working in your life and exploring a new way to approach or respond to it.

Is there a new way you can serve others, volunteer or explore one of your passions? Whatever comes to you, listen to that whisper and give it a try. Discover how trying something new can renew and awaken what's already within you, leading you out of boredom or discontentment and into a new possibility in your journey to live your best, healthiest, happiest, most inspired life!

With Love and Light, Susan