As we approach the first official day of summer this week on Wednesday, June 21st, ask yourself,
"Will I get my feet wet, jump into new experiences, dance in the rain and dive in, closer to my true self?" 

June marks the halfway point of the year, so it's a good time to do a self-checkin. Are you already finding yourself booked with kids activities, home projects, extra work, other people's agendas or overextended committments?

Or are you making time for new adventures - outdoor festivities and leisurely play, reading a new book, taking a new class or visiting a museum, unplugging for a long walk or weekend getaway, getting outdoors to refresh, dipping your toes into new waters, to meditate or just to breathe it all in?

Do you feel busier than ever with little time for a lazy summer day or any of these activities?

If you're feeling the latter, perhaps a bit overwhelmed, try one of my  5 Strategies to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

Or if you're feeling off track with your health and fitness routine and ready to dip your toes in, here are my

Top 5 Tips To Get or Stay on Track This Summer: 
1. Get Back to Basics - Eat Clean - visit your local Farmer's Market & stock up on fresh produce, Hydrate and Move More. Remember Lean comes from the word Clean (eating and drinking) and Health is your most important wealth!

2. Remember the 80/20 Guideline - eat clean and move 80% of the day/week and save the 20% for rest, and summer treats. If you're trying to lose weight, then a 90/10 approach each day may be in order.
3. Start Your Day With Water & Refill Throughout Day - Add Lemon, Fresh Mint or Fresh/Frozen Fruit
or Make Gallon Jug of Sun Tea & Add Fresh Herbs.
4. Kick Start Your Morinng with Exercise/Mindful Movement/Stretching/Meditation or Active Play - Be sure to exercise safely before or after peak heat hours (10-3). Journal, meditate or knock out a few stretches or Yoga poses first thing in the morning to help set a mindful tone (and decrease stress!) for your day. Move on your Lunch Hour and take a Mid Morning & Mid Day Fresh Air Break or Get Up off your chair for an Indoor Cool Air Walk or Stair Climb. And don't forget to connect with your inner child and get outdoors just to play!
5. Unplug early & often and cool down & off before bedtime - UNPLUG ALREADY!! Unplug from your smartphone and electronics to relax your mind and body, be present with whom you're with and to prepare for a good night's sleep. Cooling off your body and your bedroom temperature also aids in a better night's sleep.

If you don't want the summer days to fly by without truly fully enjoying them as you'd envisioned, remember that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. So, if you really want to experience your summer (and your life) fully,
Do this one thing:

Find a tree, get still and just BE..................and if you can't find a tree in a quiet place, just get outdoors in nature, away from the noise and stress, so you can quiet the noise in your head and get back to who you want to be. Quietly reflect on how you want to live your life, thus how and with whom you will choose to spend the rest of your summer days these next couple of months.

Try my Banana Split Summer Smoothie for a healthy twist on a summertime favorite and don't let this summer season get away without relishing every bite of every delicious summer day.

Cheers to you and to running carefree into the ocean of life and living your summer days the way you want to live your life!
 "One Bite At A Time."

With Love and Light, Susan