"One Bite At A Time"

One of my top healthy lifestyle tips is to "Make It Happen Monday".  Countless studies show that when we make our exercise (or any healthy choice) happen on Monday and prepare for healthy eating it sets the tone for our week and we're more likely to stay consistent throughout the week. Make it a Healthy, Mindful Monday and increase your chances of making it thriving in your life!

How we start our week on Monday, sets the tone for our week - both personally and professionally. Just like how we start our morning, sets our tone for the day. Back to my Healthy Habit #2 Set Your Intention For The Day & Give Thanks - Set your intention on Monday to "make it happen" by mindfully making time/scheduling time for exercise, healthy eating and doing those activites that bring you more joy.

Studies show that when we forego setting an intention on Monday, we're less likely to start on Tuesday, thus setting the tone for the week. Leading us back to one of my favorite quotes:

"How we spend our days is how we spend our lives!"

Make A commitment to yourself as part of creating a lifestyle of health and fitness to Make It Happen on Monday and set the tone for a fit and healthy week.

Remember, creating a LIFESTYLE  of health and wellness encompasses more than just the physical and exercise piece. It's all about Mind, Body and Soul.

Here are a few healthy habits to experiment with and add in to your Monday routine to set the tone for a healthy week and Make It Happen Monday:

1. Drink water upon waking and refill your water bottle throughout the day.

2. Give thanks - practice gratitude - or Meditate upon waking.

3. Set your intention for the day - how do you want to FEEL and what do you want to make happen?

4. Pack a healthy lunch & snacks to fuel your day and ensure healthy choices. If dining out, prepare to easily make healthy modifications.

5. Declare a Health Affirmation for your day.

Cheers to Mondays & Making It Happen So You Can Thrive In Your Life!

"One Bite At A Time"