Starting the new year with a fresh, clean slate and new set of goals is exciting and for some of us, and it  can also be very overwhelming. How Do You Eat An Elephant? One Bite At A Time!

This is not only the philosophy and essence of INSPIRED BY FITNESS in our ongoing practice to live our best, healthiest lives and achieve overall wellness - physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, but it is also an excellent way to approach the new year and new goals, aspirations and dreams. If it seems and feels overwhelming to get into shape and get on top of your health, or get BACK in shape and restart the healthy choices you started last January, or to make other significant life changes I recommend practicing each day with the intention to mindfully do you best and taking it ONE BITE AT A TIME, ONE DAY AT A TIME, ONE WEEK AT A TIME AND ONE MONTH AT A TIME.

Choose just one healthy habit each week to start practicing and working on (yes, it takes work and preparation to be fit and healthy!).  By choosing just 1 healthy habit for each week in January it makes it not so overwhelming and breaks down your big goals into small, more manageable goals. As you start to incorporate healthy choices and practice each day to make it become a new habit, it also becomes more natural, easier and more desirable to add new healthy habits as you start to achieve your goals and check off accomplishments on your 2016 Health & Fitness Checklist!

If you are a "visionary" or someone who can envision what you want yourself and your life to feel and look like, check out my Vision Board FUNShop this Sunday, January 10th, 3-5 PM. Seating is limited so register today!

My healthy habit and item I am going to check off for this first week in January is to schedule my wellness visits, dermatology &  dentist appointments and request any age, gender or family history appropriate tests and to work on creating my 2016 Vision Board.

What will yours be?