Focus On Your WHY!

Focus On Your WHY!

So, it's February 1st, the beginning of the 2nd month of the new year and 32 days into 2018. Are you still working on the "new you" or improved, healthier version of you that you set out to be on January 1st? If not, do you know why not?

Studies show that by now anywhere between 40-60% of people who made goals/resolutions to lose weight (which is the #1 American Resolution each year), exercise regularly and eat healthier have already gone back to their old habits! That dropout number will significantly increase by mid to end of February, just as it does every year.

For those well-intentioned folks who started out the year trying a "30day  diet" or "21 day fix" to kick start weight loss and get into a consistent practice of healthier eating, today will mark the day for most that that diet ends or drastically changes. Why? Because short term fix diets simply do not work, or last.

Again, back to the old habits that got them there in the first place. Usually because they are motivated for external reasons and by a short term fix. However, a small percentage will keep moving forward with the weight loss/maintenance momentum and healthy habits formed during the "challenge or diet" to keep practicing to make it their new healthy lifestyle. And this is the critical difference between those that succeed and keep going and those that don't - consistent lifestyle practice of healthy habits combined with an internal reason WHY they want it!

If you're like many people who are having trouble keeping up with your health and fitness goals/resolutions and need help to stay inspired to keep going, my biggest tip is to identify your "Why". Focus on the internal reasons why you want to be fit and healthy, or to lose weight or quit smoking, or be less stressed and happier. Write your "Why" reasons down and focus on the meaning behind why you really want to achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals. To get started and restart, try practicing just one healthy habit from my Daily Healthy Habits Checklist.  (The healthy habits basics don't change, even with a new year).

Don't ever give up on yourself and know you are worth it! Embrace the process, Be inspired by your own personal reasons Why, and take it One Day, One Week, One Month and One Bite At A Time!