Healthy Habits - Pack Lunch & Fill Water Bottle

Healthy Habits - Pack Lunch & Fill Water Bottle

Studies show that we can only focus on 2-3 habits (tasks or goals) at a time. So, to help stay on track with your health and fitness, pick at least two healthy habits to focus on this week. Whether you're trying to lose weight & lean out, add muscle tone, increase your water or fiber intake, find time to exercise, walk more steps or make more meals at home, pick 2 or 3 specific habits to practice and focus on & make it happen!

Make it as simple as, This week I'm going to:

1. Drink water upon waking and throughout the day

2. Exercise for 30 minutes 4 days this week and

3. Pack my lunch for work.

Check out my Daily Healthy Habits Check List for ideas on lifestyle habits to practice as part of creating a lifestyle of health & fitness and take it one week at a time. Creating a true Lifestyle of Health and Fitness is an ongoing practice, "One Bite At A Time, One Workout At A Time, One Healthy Choice at A Time and One Day At a Time."