What if there was just one simple habit that you could practice every day to achieve the results you're seeking, would you try it?

I am constantly reminded of how this one habit can instantly change how we feel. I am in awe of the power of how changing our thoughts can change our life. I am inspired by this one life changing habit and it's short term and long term effects.

Two simple, yet powerful words. "I Am".

We become whatever follows after we say these two words. At a time when post-presidential election, our country is working on becoming (acting as if we are already) "one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all", it is our responsibility to BE the change we want to see. To BE what we stand for and to behave accordingly. To declare who we are and to act as if. "I Am grateful for my country and my freedom & I Am faithful all will be well" are two affirmations I've been practicing the past week.

I not only practice the power of positive affirmations in my own life, but I've witnessed in my coaching practice the power of how practicing this go to mantra/affirmation can get us closer to the results we want. By replacing the negative self-talk we tell ourselves, thus bringing in more negative energy into our spaces and lives, with a positive "I Am" statement can be a total game changer.

Here are a few to try:
I Am - Healthy (when you don't feel your healthiest)

I Am - Strong (when you feel weak or unfit)

I Am - Happy (anytime you're feeling down or depressed)

I Am - Inspired..... By My Own Life I Am - Full of Energy (when you're tired)

I Am - Highly Favored

I Am - Letting Go of That Which No Longer Serves Me (when you're holding on to negativity)

I Am - Faithful That All Will Be Well (when you're scared or have feelings of fear of the unknown)

I Am - Patient As I Embrace The Process (when you're overwhelmed or seeking instant gratification)

I Am - Moving Forward (when you know you need to let go, heal, regroup, let go, etc.)

I Am - Confident In My Choices (when you're needing more discipline and feeling out of control)

I Am - Disciplined (same as above, choose the words that speak to you)

I Am - Blessed..................... (anytime and every time fear, darkness, hopelessness or sadness sets in)

I Am- Grateful...........................(anytime  and all the time, especially in times of fear or darkness)

If you're not sure what to fill in your blank with, always come back to gratitude. And then act "as if" you are already grateful or blessed. Even when it's an unpleasant experience or circumstance you're facing, and especially when you don't feel the positive way you want to feel and yearn for. Declaring the positive opposite of your negative feelings, thoughts, emotions or experiences can help transform your energy, mindset and outlook. Acting AS IF (changing your behavior to support your positive affirmation) can help achieve the results you're seeking. Usually much sooner than what you've been doing.

Cheers to declaring your "I Am" and acting AS If (Walking the Talk) and creating the peace, health, happiness, love and life you seek and deserve. One Bite At A Time.

With Love and Light, Susan