Wake Up Calendar Event

Schedule Your Fitness As An Important Appointment

Making time for your health and fitness can be a challenge - "No Time" is the top excuse for letting exercise go by the wayside - and we all know it's simply an excuse!

A helpful strategy that I teach my clients is to schedule your exercise for the week and mark it in your calendar just like any other important appointment. I recommend scheduling your exercise for the week as your "Wake Up" time first thing in the morning before your work or school day gets started or as your "Wind Down" time right after work before you do anything else so it gets done. Reframing your fitness time as "Wake Up or Wind Down Time" also helps create a positive view on keeping fit vs. saying you need to "work out" so it feels more like work. If you're not ready to get up a few minutes earlier to fit in your exercise for the day (as suggested in one of my previous Tips), prioritize making exercise the first thing you do right after work/school. You'll be more inclined to stay on track if you exercise right after work or school before you get started on home & family duties. Make exercise YOUR TIME - and no, it's NOT selfish to take care of your health - and allow exercise to be your wind down time to re-channel your energy for the day, refresh for the evening and achieve the sense of accomplishment of making exercise a priority and part of your LIFESTYLE!

It's Your Life ad Your Body - where you will live the rest of your life. If you don't prioritize fitness/exercise as part of creating a healthy lifestyle, no one will.