To help ensure you are getting the essential (meaning we must consume through diet) vitamins and minerals your body needs to function (and in effort to Clean Up Your Diet), try adding a green food at each meal - breakfast, lunch & dinner.

A few of my easy, regular tasty favorites are:

Breakfast - add Spinach or Zucchini to eggs or a side of Kiwi, Pear or other Greens . Make a Greens Smoothie with Kale/Spinach, Cucumbers, Kiwi and/or Pear.

Lunch & Dinner - make a big Green Salad with Dark Greens (Spinach or Kale) and Veggies, and always add a Side of Veggies to each meal.

Snacks - Nosh on Cucumbers, Raw Zucchini, Broccoli (as well as other colorful veggies) on their own dip with Hummus or Plain Greek Yogurt or Make a Greens Smoothie.