Springing forward welcomes much more than the seasonal beauty of additional daylight from daylight saving time. It's the perfect time to welcome fresh, new beginnings in the form of a meditation practice. And, you can start with
just 2 mindful minutes a day! 

In our last Weekly Wellness Bites, I shared "5 Reasons You'll Be Glad You Try Meditation". 

If you weren't quite sure before why you should be meditating (to create more calm, peace, happiness, improved relationships & health and less stress, anxiety, depression, illness & relationship issues) hopefully one of the 5 reasons I shared inspired you to be curious enough to explore meditating over these last two weeks. Or at least to become more mindful of those moments when meditation could help you.

Remember, mindfulness is simply paying attention, on purpose, at the present moment without judgement.

Yet, most of us still struggle with slowing down to be mindful and with exactly how to practice meditation. So, I'm excited to share that for the next few weeks, I'll be sharing simple tips and techniques you can try out to incorporate more mindfulness and meditation into your life in just 2 minutes a day!

It's funny how the Universe supports us. As I'm writing this, I decided to listen to one of my new Yoga playlists, shared by my Yoga Training Teacher, Jen. One of the many things I learned from Jen is that Yoga music doesn't have to always be "zen, instrumental or classic" Yoga music can be modern, fun and cool!  

So, guess what song just came on? Where's The Love, by The Black Eyed Peas. The volume seemed to turn up as I heard the lyrics sing:

"Gotta take control of your mind and just meditate"......"where's the love"

It's really as simple as that. Taking control of your mind, vs. allowing your mind to go crazy and control you.

One of my favorite ways to meditate and this week's meditation technique is awakening your breath. AKA mindful breathing.

This breathing exercise helps us to breathe more fully, strengthens and awakens us to face the day with peace, confidence, love and calm & is a form of meditation. You may practice standing or sitting on a chair or the floor.
1. Stand with feet hip-width apart, with arms by your side palms facing forward, so thumbs are out, gently resting by your thighs (Mountain Pose). Or Sit upright with spine lengthened and relaxed.

2. Close your eyes and Inhale (mindfully) & sweep/lift your arms slowly up and overhead until your palms meet and touch.
Exhale slowly as you lower your arms back down to your sides, moving in sync with your exhale breath.

3. With each inhale, breathe deeply and widely into your lungs and up through the crown of your head & notice the expansion of space in your chest and length in your spine. With each exhale breath, gently roll your shoulders up, back & down, releasing any tension.

4. Continue for 6-10 breath cycles (or set a timer for 2 minutes, but don't look at it). With each inhale and exhale, see if you can deepen and lengthen (without force) your breathing and try to feel and notice the pause after each inhale and exhale breath.

5. After a few rounds of this mindful breath pattern, notice how you feel. Perhaps journal your thoughts (without judgement) to record your practice progression or to simply be present with how you feel.

A signature piece of my coaching approach, as well as what I practice in my own life, is to focus on how you want to FEEL and remember who you want to BE on a daily basis and when faced with unhealthy temptations or toxic situations to help keep on track of your goals, dreams, intentions and living your best, healthiest, happiest, most inspired life.

This simple 2 minute mindful breathing meditation is a great way to regroup and get back to how you want to feel and who you want to be in your life. Give it a try this week. Experiment and have FUN with it! Try it in the morning, at work before heading into a stressful meeting or encounter with someone, and or at night as a way to wind down. I'd love to hear from you and how it's working for you, so feel free to share or post.

 In my recently released book, One Bite At A Time, A True Story of Transformational Change & 7 Life Lessons Learned to Help You Live Your Best, Healthiest, Happiest, Most Inspired Life, I share moments when I slowed down to notice and pay attention to my life and what really mattered. These mindful moments and various forms of meditation helped be and feel better. They helped me thrive vs. just survive challenging times and thus were significant in overcoming my grief and rising up through the darkness to create my new normal and transform into a healthier, happier, more inspired life.

May Springing Forward into a Meditation Practice help you Spring Forward into your best, healthiest, happiest most inspired life. 

One Mindful Meditation At A Time

"One Bite At A Time."
With Love and Light, Susan