Top Reason I Want & Work To Be Healthy - Experiences Like This!

Top Reason I Want & Work To Be Healthy. Experiences Like This!

You exercise and try to eat healthy, but why? Have you every really taken the time to reflect on what it means to you to be and feel healthy? To create a lifestyle (not a diet or extreme short-term exercise program) to sustain for a lifetime? Why do you push yourself to get to the gym, meet with your Trainer and take time to plan and prepare healthy foods at home?

As we begin this month of Thanksgiving, I encourage you to "Take 5 and write 5" - Take 5 minutes, or so, and write down 5 Reasons You Want To Be, Stay Or Get Healthy. Five reasons that sum up what it really means to you to be healthy. Five reasons that inspire you to live a lifestyle of health and wellness. Whether it's to live a long, healthy life to be around for your kids and grandkids or to feel and look good in your clothes, write down five specific reasons - motivators - that inspire you to keep going when life gets busy, chaotic, messy and challenging, as we know it will every now and again.

Once you've finished this exercise of creating your Top 5 List, place it where you can refer to it when you find yourself in a rut, or when you just don't feel like working out or planning and preparing your meals or practicing other healthy habits that fuel your overall wellness.

Begin with:  I Am Grateful (Remember, we become whatever follows after we say, "I Am") For:







Enjoy this exercise. May it fuel your mind, body and soul and remind you of why you are worth it! One Bite At A Time.

Sophia's Gratitude Greeting