Looking for a way to get more out of all the meetings (especially the repetitive, non-productive ones) you attend? Whether it’s a work/office or family meeting, you can liven up your meetings, boost creativity and foster new ideas and results by getting off your duff and taking it for a stroll.

Sitting Is The New Smoking! Meaning we are a society that sits most of the day and it’s making us sick, overweight, tired and prone to more obesity & sedentary related diseases, especially at work where we spend most of our day. So, who says we have to sit down at a table or desk and have a meeting? Just because you’ve always done it that way, doesn’t mean you have to continue, right?

Let’s reframe the old-school of thought & traditional way of leading or coordinating your next meeting and be the healthy change (wellness champion) you want to see!

If you’re still asking "Why", I challenge you with, Why Not? A walking meeting is a great opportunity to get a break from the stiffling office walls, stale air and fluorescent lighting to re-energize. Benefits include:

  • An opportunity to sneak in some exercise – yes walking is exercise!
  • Fresh air to enhance mental clarity and boost creativity
  • An opportunity to get some Vitamin D therapy if walking outdoors (just 10 minutes of sunlight provides a natural dose of Vitamin D)
  • Helps fight fatigue from sitting and squinty eye syndrome from starring at your computer
  • Helps open up the mind to new ideas and perspectives
  • Engages attendees to come together to do something outside their norm or comfort zone, thus offering a team-building exercise (there’s that word again, exercise!)
  • Helps reduce intimidation factor for some people who normally wouldn’t speak up in tight spaced, more formal office settings
  • Boosts creativity in thought and engagemet in wellness activities and team building

NOTE: Even if you’re not one to lead the meeting, but you want to give it a try and be part of the movement (ha!), pitch the idea to a meeting leader or organizer!

Tips To Lead (Or Coordinate for Your Team) an effective Walking Meeting:

  • Like any other meeting to properly prepare for, send out the invite AND an Agenda for the meeting. Let everyone know where to meet whether it’s by the main door for an outdoor walking meeting or at a place to walk the perimeters of the office. The Agenda should indicate what everyone should come prepared  to discuss or provide and if walking outdoors will prepare people to bring a jacket if necessary.
  • Identify someone to take notes, whether on a electronic tablet or pen to paper recapping action items and next steps at a stopping point.
  • Walk at a “strolling” pace that will accommodate everyone.
  • Make sure everyone can hear what is being said and avoid noisy walking paths.
  • Acknowledge everyone’s participation and input – as with any meeting.
  • When sending Meeting Recap post Walking Meeting, ask for feedback on how to improve the next Walking Meeting.

So, there you go. If you’re tired of the same old meetings, want better results for your intellectual and physical fitness (and your organization), WALK THE WALK, and make your next meeting a walking meeting! And if you still need a few more reasons (want more data that impacts employee health cost savings?) why you should try or practice incorporating walking meetings as part of creating a culture of wellness, here are just a few that contribute further to your bottom line and reduce healt insurance costs. 

Cheers to walking the walk!


Walking Benefits