Healthy Habits - Pack Lunch & Fill Water Bottle

Healthy Habits - Pack Lunch & Fill Water Bottle

As we head into the third week of January and the new year, motivation to keep going with our health and fitness goals can start to become a challenge for some. In follow up to my Tip last week on How To Ease into Your 2016 Goals,  here is My Top 15 Healthy Habits Checklist To Practice (Because it's really a practice!) and ease into getting started or help keep you motivated to keep moving and going forward!

With consistent practice, these habits will become natural, and for some, even addicting because of the way it makes you FEEL! Try one or two each day or week and ease into it.

Daily Healthy Habits Checklist To Create A Lifestyle of Health & Wellness

"One Bite At A Time, One Healthy Choice & One Day At A Time"

  1. Set Your Intention For Your Day & Give Thanks - 2 Minute Meditation
  2. Drink a Glass of Water Upon Waking (To Rehydrate & Cleanse) and Refill Water Bottle Throughout Day (aim for 2 additional bottles before lunch, 2 before dinner and one after dinner) *Add Lemon Slices For Additional Health Benefits
  3. Eat Breakfast & Add Protein (Aim to Eat Within 2 Hours of Waking)
  4. Step Away From Added Sugars, Soda, Processed & Fast Food
  5. Eat An Apple or Pear - Get Your Fiber and Eat Clean! (May Add 2 TSP Nut Butter)
  6. Eat A Vegetable At Lunch AND Dinner (the brighter the color, the better - Greens & Reds)
  7. GET UP From Your Chair/Desk Once An Hour To Walk Around And/Or Stretch
  8. Pack Lunch & Healthy Fuelin' Snacks For The Next Day (or pack a couple days worth at a time)
  9. **Perform Physical Activity (Exercise or Sport) For MINIMUM of 10 minutes Each Day (20-30 Minutes Daily is Highly Recommended & Ideal, Especially For Weight Loss & Maintenance and Heart Health) Taking a 20-30 minute Brisk Walk Counts to Keep your Heart Healthy!
  10. Be Mindful of Posture & Take Time To Stretch - in the morning, throughout the day, before & after exercise, at the end of your day.
  11. Keep Alcohol Consumption at No More Than 2 Drinks Per Outing & Alternate w/Water
  12. Keep Portions in Check & Take Time To Chew & Savor Each Bite. Be Mindful of Eating until 80% Full vs. Completely Full or Stuffed
  13. Remember The 80/20 Approach to A Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle - Eat Clean and Make Healthy Choices 80% of Your Day & Save Treats, Desserts, Sugar/Sweets & Alcohol for 20% of Week!
  14. ID Ways To Sneak In More MOVEMENT Throughout the Day
  15. Try a New Healthy Recipe -