water tumbler

Drinking water is part of living a healthy lifestyle, nothing you haven't heard before, right?  But, there are even MORE benefits to drinking a big glass of water immediately upon waking up. I'm a long time water drinker and coach my clients on how to step away from soda and add more into more water into their daily consumption as part of creating a lifestyle of health and fitness. My female clients often hear me say "A Girl's Best Accessory Is Her Water Bottle (ideally an eco-friendly bottle)"! Recently I stepped it up and starting drinking (almost chugging) water from one of my large Tervis Tumbler's immediately upon waking (after brushing my teeth) vs. waiting to start in between or after my 2 cups of a.m. coffee and I felt the difference immediately! I could literally feel my cells awaken. My eyes open wider and starts to de-puff, my fingers and toes start to tingle with energy coming through and my mind starts to defog from 7-8 hours of sleep. Even though I get up very early to start training clients, I'm not a natural born morning person, so this has been an electrifying discovery! Here are my Top 5 Reasons to Add Drinking a Big (20 oz) of Water Immediately Upon Waking:

  1. Boost Brainpower - Did you know your brain is made of about 75% water? Clear your mind and awaken your brain by adding this healthy habit into your morning routine.
  2. Rehydrate Instantly - After sleeping all night, we wake up dehydrated, so our body LOVES to replenish (picture how a sagging plant comes to life after a drink of water - our cells require and need the same each morning)
  3. Refresh Your Skin - Want glowing, clearer skin? Then try adding about 20 oz. of water to your morning routine.
  4. Aid in Digestion and Regulation - Since our body is made of mostly water, our "system" needs water to regulate and flush out toxins.
  5. Boost Metabolism - Drinking Water first thing in the morning is an instant metabolism booster and kick starts our body into active mode.

Cheers to A Simple Way To Kick Start Your Day With An Edge, Boost Metabolism, Regulate Your System and Feel Leaner, and Face The Day With A Glow!