Avocado Storage

Store Avocado in Plastic Bag So Won't Turn Brown

If you've tried any of my recipes, you've noticed how much I love Avocados and trying the many different ways to incorporate this creamy, deliciously filling fruit (because it has a seed, it's considered a fruit) in my regular meals.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons to Try (Practice) Adding Avocados to your diet:

1. More Than Guacamole! Not just for guacamole, although one of my favorite dips, avocados pair well as a side of healthy fats to almost any dish and can be used as a salad or sandwich topping, added to smoothies or smeared on your protein.

2. Nutrient Rich - Avocados rich in many nutrients including Vitamin K (26% RDA), Folate (20%RDA), Vitamin C (17% RDA), Potassium (14% RDA), Vitamin B5 & B6 (14% & 13% RDA), Vitamin E (10%).

3. Healthy Fats - With each meal, it is ideal that we consume a dose of healthy fats along with our protein and healthy (non-starchy) carb combo. Adding a smear or side of Avocado slices is an excellent and filling way to eat a well-balanced meal.

4. Feel Full Longer - Due to their nutrient rich density and healthy fat component, Avocados make us feel fuller longer to help stave off weight gain.

5. Fiber - 7 of the 9 grams of carbs contained in an avocado are fiber (so only 2 "net" carbs). Fiber helps keep us cleaned out and leaned out and makes us feel fuller longer.

*Storage Tip - To prevent browning of the inside of an avocado (due to oxidation), simply store a cut avocado in a plastic bag in the refrigerator!

Try my Paleo Egg Salad or Salmon Salad for delicious meals that use the healthier Avocado in place of other ingredients (mayo or dairy ingredients) found in traditional recipes.

Cheers to practicing your healthy habits and trying something new to practice as part of creating a LIFESTYLE of Health and Wellness!