As we enter the last week of the  Fall Mindfulness & Meditation Challenge (refer back to the link for the challenge deets refresher or if you're a first time "One Bite At A Time Tribe" reader), are you finding yourself

less crazed and more calm?

This may feel like less stressed & more relaxed, less tired & more energetic, less frazzled and foggy & more creative and productive, or healthier and happier? 

If you've been practicing the techniques and tips I've shared in the 
challenge or in previous Weekly Wellness Bites  "2 Minutes to More Mindfulness" I hope you're discovering your internal power to take back control in your life!

When you learn the power of slowing down, pausing for a few mindful deep breaths, and/or practice meditation and mindfulness, life all the sudden gets so much easier. And, a heck of a lot more fun!

When you uplug - unplugging to be more mindful in your daily thoughts and actions or to meditate - You learn to say goodbye to crazed emotional reactions, sky-high stress, chronic worry and fatigue and say "hello" to calm, cool and collect. Ahhhhh, big exhale :)

Suze Yalof Schwartz, founder & CEO of Unplug Meditation Studio and author of "unplug, A Simple Guide to Meditation for Busy Skeptics and Modern Soul Seekers", sums it up simply and beautifully: 

"To unplug means to consciously unhook from whatever is amping you up (the perceived danger), reset, and restart from a neutral, empowered place. You consciously disconnect from the crazy current for a few minutes and recharge in a focused way to get where you want to go. It gives you the ability to consciously switch from panic to calm, from anger to reason, sad to happy. 

Complicated problems will feel easier to solve. You'll be able to see clearly what you want, let go of obsessing and worrying, and quickly make decisions that are aligned with what truly matters to you. You'll have the power to resist pigging out and to keep your cool when your kid, spouse/partner or boss is driving you over the edge."

Remember the
 5 Reaons You'll Be Glad You Try Meditation Wellness Bite? Want to get some of that relaxed, energized, happy feeling?  Yes please!

Guess what else, unplugging is FREE and as I've shared, you can do it anywhere! All you have to do is slow down, get still and practice. Practice doesn't make perfect, (perfection isn't the goal here), but it does make it a habit and it does get you the results you're seeking. The feeling in your life of being more calm and less crazed. 

So whether you're new to meditation and mindfulness, I challenge you today and as you mindfully move through your week to simply unplug. Unplug from crazed and plug in to your calm.  

Here's a 1 minute meditation for you to try today and to practice this week:
1. Unplug from your phone, computer, tv and any other charged electronics
Close your eyes and take 5 mindful breaths as you inhale through your nose for 2 counts, hold for 1 count and exhale release through the nose 4 counts. 

2. Notice how your body softens and relaxes as you connect with your breath.

3. When thoughts come to your mind, notice and let then go, returning to your breath

4. After your 5th breath, slowly open your eyes and say "Thank You" 

One and done! Less stressed, more fun. 

Cheers to you and creating more calm and less crazed in your life!

One Meditation Practice, One Mindfulness Moment, One Deep Breath, One Day and "One Bite At A Time."

                With Love and Light, Susan