Whether you're new to the mat, or are a practicing Yogi, join us for an all levels Yoga Class where we'll connect mind, body and soul through meditation, mindful breathing and poses (asanas) designed to empower your inner warrior, relax, release & rejuvenate.  An escape from "doing" to "being" as we practice mindfulness, letting go and inner peace while building strength, balance and flexibility.

Yoga is a "work-in", a way of being, a desire to grow and a practice of living a healthy lifestyle.

A few benefits of Yoga:

  • Increased muscle strength & tone, flexibility and balance
  • Improves Posture & helps prevent cartilage and joint breakdown
  • Reduces back pain and joint pain & improves overall bone health
  • Increases blood flow and heart rate
  • Reduces blood pressure and helps lower blood sugar
  • Relaxes your overall system, regulating blood pressure, nervous and digestive systems
  • Improves focus and mental clarity and sleep
  • Boosts immune system and functionality
  • Improves overall mood and happiness - more peace, self-esteem, inner strength, awareness

Yoga meets you exactly where you are, just as you are. Susan offers a "no judge, just love zone" where you get to relax, release and just BE as we learn to practice Yoga on the mat and off the mat in our daily lives to help live our best, healthiest, happiest, most inspired lives!

One Bite At A Time.

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