Salmon Egg Salad

Salmon Egg Salad


1 Can Wild Pink Salmon (I used Trader Joe's) - Drained

6-8 Hardboiled Eggs - Chopped

1 Avocado - Scooped out center and mash

Spicy Brown Mustard (Just because I love Spicy Brown Mustard, but may substitute other mustard)

3-4 Dashes Turmeric

2-3 Dashes Cayenne Red Pepper

3-4 Dashes Smoked Paprika (Optional, my new favorite Spice! Gives a nice smoky flavor)

Combine all ingredients and either enjoy right away or refrigerate. Packed with protein, flavor and texture, this twist on egg salad is another paleo and clean version of traditional egg salad.

Can enjoy on this easy dish on it's own, on a bed of greens or on 100% whole grain or 100% whole wheat bread, or as an appetizer served with veggies or choice of tortilla chips or crackers.

*Note - serving with bread, tortilla chips or crackers would not be paleo.