Chocolate Strawberry Shake

In honor of Valentine's Day & Heart Health Month in February, here's a heart-healthy twist on Chocolate Strawberry Dessert - Chocolate Strawberry Shake!

1 Cup Chocolate Almond Milk (may also use regular Almond Milk or other Milk Choice)

Handful Fresh or Frozen Strawberries - for a burst of Vitamin C

1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder - Fortify with Protein

1 Spoonful of Ground Flax (or Chia) Seeds - added Fiber & Omega 3's

If not using frozen strawberries, add ice for desired thickness and consistency

*Optional - Add Spoonful Almond Butter - Protein & Healthy Fats

Whether making for yourself of someone else, make it with LOVE! Blend all ingredients in Blender and Enjoy!