Fortified KIND Clusters

Handful or 2 of KIND Clusters

Handful Almonds

Handful Pumpkin Seeds

Spoonful Ground Flax Seeds

Fresh Chopped Strawberries (because what I had in fridge, so use any fresh fruit you have)

Dash or 2 of Cinnamon

Almond Milk

Add all ingredients to bowl and enjoy. Quick & easy way to fortify store-bought KIND brand or Bear Naked Brand Granola Clusters to add more nutrition, flavor and crunch for a wholesome breakfast!

Another delicious & sweeter more dessert like version is to use the KIND brand Peanut Butter Clusters and top with the above, substituting bananas for berries or use just the nuts and seeds. My daughter's favorite is to mix the Peanut Butter Clusters with just Chocolate Almond Milk for a true tasty, healthy treat!