Vegan Meatball Quinoa Hash

Vegan Meatball Quinoa Hash


Vegan Meatballs (I like the Veggie Patch brand found in health food isle refrigerated section or the Gardein frozen brand. Or use your choice of meatball - turkey, beef)

Red Quinoa

Sweet Potato Chunks (I used frozen pre-cooked chunks and warmed up)

1/4 Sliced Avocado

Nutritional Yeast


Smoked Paprika

Cook Quinoa according to directions. I warmed up leftover from prior day. Cook or heat Meatballs (I used refrigerated that could be baked or microwaved to warm) and Sweet Potato Chunks (may also cook a sweet potato and cut into chunks). Layer Cooked Quinoa, Sweet Potato Chunks and Avocado to bowl/plate and top with few dashes of Nutritional Yeast, Cinnamon and Smoked Paprika (or use your favorite spices).

Hearty, delicious meal packed with protein, fiber, "good carbs", healthy fats, vitamins and minerals = fueling goodness!