A Healthier PB Sandwich

A Healthier PB Sandwich

A Hearty, Healthier Twist on the Good Ole' PB & J. Fortified with lots of extra protein from the Sprouted Bread, Almond Butter, and Pumpkin Seeds this is a delicious, macro-nutrient rich (Protein-Carbs-Healthy Fats) Sandwich. Great for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!

2 Slices Sprouted Whole Grain Bread (or Gluten Free, 100% Whole Wheat or Ezekiel Sprouted Bread)

Almond or Peanut Butter (I used Almond Butter)

1 Banana Sliced

Handful Dried Cranberries

Handful Raw Pumpkin Seeds

2-3 Dashes Cinnamon

Options: Drizzle with Honey, or Substitute with Golden Raisins, Other Seeds (Sunflower) or Nuts (Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios) or add a natural, sugar free strawberry or raspberry jam. Or try my other Almond Butter Banana Walnut Sandwich.