Peppermint Chocolate Passion

Peppermint Chocolate Passion

Inspired by my passion for my most favorite flavor combination in the world - Peppermint & Chocolate, I created this delicious AND healthy peppermint sensation  with just the right amount of chocolate and peppermint without the high sugar content, artificial ingredients, unhealthy fats or carbs found in traditional peppermint chocolate treats and for around only 300 calories!

1 Cup Vanilla Almond Milk (Or Coconut Milk or Dark Chocolate Almond Milk for a Richer Version)

1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder

1 Capful Organic Peppermint Extract

1 heaping Spoonful Cocao Powder (or may use 100% Dark Cocoa Powder)

Handful Frozen Dark Cherries

Optional - add Spoonful Ground Flax or Chia Seeds

Blend all until smooth. Add ice for desired thickness.