1 Package Cooked Quinoa

Frozen peas - 1 small package or a few handfuls

Couple handfuls chopped red peppers

Couple handfuls chopped zucchini

Few spoonful's of sundried tomatoes from jar

Couple handfuls fresh, torn spinach (or kale)

Handful pumpkin seeds

Handful  golden raisins


Nutritional Yeast

Few drops of Rosemary essential oil (or fresh rosemary)

Smoked Paprika

Cook quinoa according to package directions (I used vegetable broth instead of water to cook with quinoa for added flavor).

If you already have veggies  cut and prepped, use what you have. I used what I had already cut for the week and added in the frozen peas, raisins and seeds from the pantry - modify type of seeds or dried fruit with what you like or have on hand.

During last 5 minutes of quinoa cooking time, add in frozen peas, veggies, seeds and dried fruit. Stir in quinoa mixture, top with spices, cover and continue cooking for 5 more minutes. Once done, set aside with lid on for 5-10 more minutes. May serve immediately or let sit to room temperature, then refrigerate for later use.

On second day, I added in cooked salmon for a salmon quinoa bowl lunch. Makes 8-10 servings, depending on serving size. Packed with protein, fiber, omega-3s, vitamins, minerals and clean, wholesome goodness!