Spice Rack

Since Nutrition (what we eat and drink on a regular basis)  is at least 70-80% of our overall health and is a key factor in achieving our fitness goals and performance, I continue to be INSPIRED BY healthy food options and delicious alternatives to traditional American cooking that makes us fat, sick and tired (think sauces, dressings, gravies, batters, toppings, marinades full of sodium, preservatives & chemical additives)  to help you in your journey to clean up your diet, eliminate unhealthy fats, preservatives and fillers and learn how to prepare and enjoy real food in it’s natural state (thus, aids in leaning out, losing weight and increasing energy).

One of my favorite ways to have fun with and add extra tasty, natural goodness to my daily meals is by adding my favorite spices that are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, revving up my metabolism and helping my body fight inflammation and other potential diseases while adding tons of flavor!

Instead of the traditional Salt & Pepper shaker as go to spices on our dinner table, here is a picture of the spices on my countertop for easy access that I use every day for all of our meals and snacks.

Cinnamon – I sprinkle in my daily 2 cups of morning coffee and add to shakes/smoothies, sweet potatoes, fruits, soups and anything I think it could potentially add flavor to.

Cayenne Pepper – I add to anything savory – awesome on eggs, chicken, fish, Boca Burgers, Quinoa, veggies, avocados, salads.

Turmeric – I use this in place of Salt. A top anti-inflammatory spice, it pairs really well with eggs, veggies, lean meats, salads, dressings and marinades.

Nutritional Yeast – as I’ve posted about before Nutritional Yeast is a delicious nutrient rich topping on anything not sweet (tastes like parmesan cheese) - salads, veggies, meats, Quinoa, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, eggs, Avocados, etc.

Smoked Paprika – this is my newly discovered favorite spice as it adds a nice smoky flavor and just the right amount of heat. Delicious on eggs, savory dishes, veggies and anything you want to add a bit of a kick and flavor to.

So, try switching out the store-bought bottled, canned, preservative & sodium filled sauces & marinades for simple, tasty spices to boost flavor and rev up your metabolism while helping protect against disease & inflammation. “Spice For A Healthier Life”!