Watermelon Cucumber Crusher

Watermelon Cucumber Crusher

1 Cup Plain Coconut Water

1-2 Handfuls Sliced Watermelon

1 Handful Sliced Cucumber

1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

1 Spoonful Flax or Chia Seeds

Frozen fruit for ice or ice cubes to create thicker texture (Because Watermelon and Cucumber are "hydrating water foods" they will dissolve when blended into thinner liquid)

Option - to "sneak in greens" that won't change the flavor, just the color, add a handful spinach or kale or any other veggie you have on hand.

Blend all ingredients until smooth and add more frozen fruit or ice for desired texture.

A delicious, refreshing & hydrating blend of pure goodness! Packed with protein, anti-oxidants, fiber and omega-3's, this smoothie is the perfect breakfast or snack on a hot day or after a night out consuming adult beverages.