Training with Susan has definitely helped me and my husband learn to build a healthier lifestyle with making healthier decisions together. She is very encouraging and helps motivate us in the right direction while building my confidence.

What works for me now is realizing quick workouts can be very effective leading me to a more balanced outlook rather than thinking I need an hour (to workout) or nothing at all. I love learning the how to incorporate the high intensity interval training and shorter workouts with higher intensity.

Susan's focus on overall wellness has helped me practice stretching more and drinking more water. She got my husband into working out which makes it way more fun for me. We definitely learn all the time from Susan more about how to eat healthy not only at our training sessions, but through her Facebook posts, online recipes, answered questions and her Clean Eating Challenges. She teaches the 80/20 Lifestyle of having a healthy balance with clean eating and exercise and the 80/20 has definitely replaced my former Yo-Yo Dieting!

I've worked with other trainers in the past and accomplished the exercise piece, but training with Susan I've learned the benefits of quicker, more effective workouts and the 80/20 rule of clean eating, both which make it way easier to make it a healthy lifestyle vs. long workouts and crash diets.