"Fitness and exercise have always been part of my life. I wasn't really sure what a trainer could do for me, but I was in need of some help with diet and trying to shed some unwanted pounds.  As soon as I met Susan, I knew I wanted her insight into healthy eating and fitness!  

She taught me a whole new way to eat!  I am a lover of food - but I didn't eat the good foods.  Susan's clean eating approach is really quite simple to understand, and for me and my family, easy to implement.  Teaching me how to eat well not only benefits me, but now my family is eating better too!  Watching my son eat a bag of celery after school was a true turning point (not to mention that I eat carrots on a daily basis now - and I would have NEVER eaten a carrot a year ago).    The 80-20 rule also allows me to still enjoy those foods that weren't so "good" for me - now I just find ways to clean them up...and I eat them much less often!  I am NEVER going back to my old eating habits.

I learned that strength training is crucial in maintaining a strong and healthy body.  I have always been a cardio girl - but now I find ways to integrate strength training and cardio together- and in less time!  Susan also taught me how to slow down and really make each movement meaningful.  Even during my own workout today I found myself slowing down and squeezing each move.  These skills are becoming habits!

"Inspired by Fitness" is very adequate a name, as Susan is truly inspiring.  Not only is she very knowledgable about healthy eating and fitness, she is uplifting, positive, and supportive!  She is always going to be someone that I look to for heath and fitness advice and support!"