In late spring of this year my wife Zaida convinced me to start working out with her at “Inspired by Fitness”.  She had been going there for a couple of days a week for a few months.  I said she convinced me but in reality I convinced myself when I saw all the positive changes in Zaida and how it was changing her overall well being. When I started working out with Susan, I did not know what to expect but I was impressed regarding how easy she made it for me.  Do not get fooled by those words, workouts were not easy at all! They are really tough but she helped me ease into them, go at my own pace and challenged me to beat that pace sometimes two or 3 times during the same session.  It’s only about that same time I decided to sign up for “Big Shoulders Swim”, a 5K open water swim at Lake Michigan just off Ohio Street Beach in Chicago.   Susan then tailored my training to help me prepare for that competition. The combination of those workouts and the time at the pool helped me finish the race successfully.  Yes, that was my goal, to finish; when you are over 50 sometimes you think that is enough. I did finish and 20 minutes ahead of what I expected.  I surprised myself, which believe me is something very difficult to do.  I know the discipline I got from the sessions with Susan and her expertise on how to exercise helped me a lot. The expertise that Susan provides is only excelled by her contagious enthusiasm and positive attitude.  Exercise routines are changed frequently to keep us interested and the monthly challenges are a blast. We receive text messages from her with healthy notes and inspirational quotes a few times a week and they always put a smile on my face; I find myself expecting them!  Our workout routines have become part of our lives now and are helping us look at our very near empty nester life in a different way, a more active way.  All that said the best part of this deal is that I found a healthy hobby that I can share with my wife of over 28 years and that time is priceless!  Thank you Susan, for being such an inspiration to us all!