haleyTraining with Susan has been life changing. She has not only changed the way I look at exercise and healthy eating but she has changed the way I look at life. My husband jokes that she is more than just my trainer, she is my life coach.

I began training with Susan in February right when I had fallen into a slump with exercise mainly because I had not found a workout routine that excited me or kept me interested. From the minute I set foot in her studio, Susan had me trying out anything and everything that she could push me to do and I did it. I have found that I push myself so much more when training with Susan because I care about my life and fitness more and because I have her right at my side pushing me.

Susan has a nurturing way about her when it comes to her training. She understands that we all have different body types, different goals and different expectations. She hones in on all of that and tailors your training to what make sense for you.

I love working out with Susan. I no longer look at exercise as a chore and I find myself looking forward to our workouts and what she has in store for me. I have been able to see firsthand the benefits of regular high intensity exercise, healthy eating and pushing yourself to set goals and attain them. I successfully completed the squat challenge back in June and even had my husband join in. I can tell you that back in January there was no way I ever thought I could accomplish 250 squats at one time. My diet has cleaned up, I am more aware of the food choices I make and I have been able to find a better me. Training with Susan has begun to turn me into the young woman I have always strived for but needed a little extra push from someone who believed in me.

I have learned so much from Susan both physically and spiritually and can honestly say that I am  ‘Inspired by Fitness