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Insights Consulting has been an extremely satisfied corporate client of Susan VanHoosen and Inspired By Fitness since January of this year (2014).

In a business environment that is focused on preventative health and wellness as it relates specifically to rising health insurance costs – it only made sense to implement a program for our employees. With redesign of our newly acquired offices, we added a Fitness Room and hired Susan. As a leader, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

“Impressed, overwhelmed, and extremely happy” only are a few of the comments my employees have said in describing their feelings after six months of our weekly FUNctional Fitness Thursdays. As a team, we find that personal accountability, teamwork, and keeping appointments are more likely going to happen in the workplace – so each week, we end our Thursdays together – working out.

Camaraderie and improved health are just two of the amazing outcomes we have experienced as a team. In addition, many of us have begun to work out together, participate in weekly yoga sessions, and individually use the Fitness Room to build on what we have learned from Susan. We have all learned many ways to stay active without weights or a training room. We have learned ways to use just our body and the space we are improving our strength and functional movement – improving our overall health. Susan has helped to shatter the misconception that you need a gym or expensive equipment to be fit. However, if you have equipment available, like we do – she can help you learn to use that as well.

Personally, as the CEO of this organization I have seen amazing results, not just in my coworkers – but personally as well. For the first time, I have stuck to “goals” set for myself that I have set over and over before and never achieved. In six months, I have “graduated” from long term use of blood pressure medication, taken two inches off of my midsection, lost 16 pounds, and significantly improved my cholesterol counts. I have gone from daily frustration and self-deprecating comments to “craving” daily physical activity, and have taken great pride in my personal wellness.

Quite frankly, none of this would have happened without Susan. Her enthusiasm, empowering attitude, and passion have inspired all of us refocus our thoughts about fitness and personal wellbeing. Her wealth of knowledge in diet and nutrition, and superior knowledge in various approaches to exercising and personal transformation continue to change our lives. She has become much more than a weekly personal trainer for us – she is an integral part of our team now.

I strongly recommend anyone considering Susan VanHoosen and the resources available as an Inspired by Fitness client. The core of Insights Consulting has been Inspired by Fitness – an outcome I would wish for any company.

- Kelly Hartman, President & CEO Insights Consulting