I set out with a big goal in mind - To loose 15 lbs by my wedding day.  I had 4 months to accomplish this goal. I took all the advice and direction Susan gave me. Her encouragement was amazing! The first couple weeks were tough, I wanted to quit, but Susan helped me focus on my goal and she knew it was obtainable. By the 4th week I was well on my way. I could see even immediate changes in my body and in my energy level. Each session, Susan gave me some insight on nutrition and exercise that helped me grow strong. I was amazed at her knowledge of the human body and healthy food choices. And she tailored her healthy choices to my capabilities without making extreme changes. By the time my wedding came around I had lost 18lbs.  But what really surprised me was how toned I was. I was strong and full of energy. I highly recommend Susan as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach. She not only helps you get into shape she helps you start to live a healthier life. Thanks Susan you made my wedding pictures look great!

Jacqueline Graham