"When I started working with Susan my son was just shy of his first birthday. Since finding out I was pregnant almost 2 years prior, I hadn't worked out religiously nor did I think a good workout consisted of anything less than an hour at the gym doing weights and cardio. I had post-baby weight that I wanted to shed, but I also wanted to focus on re-building my strength. During our first consultation I knew that Susan was a trainer that truly cares and listens to her clients.  In the few short months since I've known her she's helped me to realize that external strength is not the only measurement of your overall health, but that positivity internally is also key to a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Susan is masterful at designing workout routines that aren't overly time-consuming, and is constantly devising ways for you to fit in functional movements at home with the equipment you already have. For a busy working mom, this was key to ensuring that fitting in physical activity would be a life-long commitment.  Seeing Susan each week is re-invigorating as she radiates such overwhelming warmth & positivity, and is such a special person.  It's hard to want to be anything other than your best self around her! She is extremely knowledgeable about all things fitness and food related and will spend time sharing her wisdom, which is what makes her such a well rounded health coach -- not just a trainer.

I highly highly recommend Susan to anyone, but especially those who are needing the motivation to re-invest in themselves physically.  In the first 8 weeks that I worked with Susan I was shocked at how quickly she was able to get major results for me. Thanks to her I'm on the path to being more healthy and fit, both physically and mentally, than I have been in years!!" Katie T.