susan_d"I started personal fitness training with Susan in March.  It did not take long to realize that while I was wanting to lose weight and get fit, it would be that and so much more!

Knowing that Susan has been a picture of fitness, and health, I was eager to see what she might be able to do with someone like me.  Matter of fact, I said to her, "would you take the likes of me on?"  She did take me on and it has been awesome!

I have found my workouts to be challenging, but so fulfilling to me personally.  I am doing things like box jumps and planks that I would have never imagined I could.  Susan BELIEVES you CAN, and then pretty soon YOU believe you can!  I think that is what has made the difference for me. The total body workout has been just that for me, my physical, mental, and spiritual health incorporated as a whole.

Clean eating is a new concept to me.  I love my treats, and have really tried to incorporate the 80-20 rule.  I have some work to do, but I have made definite improvements.  The INSPIRED BY FITNESS website has been helpful with recipes and ideas of what to make and eat.  It is helpful to see the foods that she is eating and trying then recommending to us.  I encourage people to visit the website, as there is so much helpful information to gain in your personal journey.

Susan has had monthly physical challenges on her website.  The most recent was the squat-plank challenge, and I have to say it IS a challenge.  You are given daily numbers to meet and to complete this to the best of your ability is a great feeling.  This month the challenge is push-ups and dips.  The positive encouragement Susan provides makes you WANT to succeed.

It is difficult for me to motivate myself to get moving.  The motivation Susan has provided to me is what I have needed to see what I am capable of doing.  I look forward to my sessions, and am then able to get moving on my own time as well.   It is a great to feel stronger physically and mentally and to meet challenges.  Being strong and fit DOES make a difference everyday.

Inspired By Fitness is a great place to start!"