Big Breakfast vs Big DinnerOne of the Healthy Lifestyle Tips I coach my clients on is to not only eat breakfast, but to practice making breakfast a heartier, more fueling meal consisting of a protein-non-starchy carb and a healthy fat (for a well-balanced macro nutrient dense meal).

Studies show that people who consume more of their daily caloric intake at breakfast and lunch vs. dinner are leaner and healthier. What we eat at what time does matter, especially when it comes to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight! Think about it - when we eat a big dinner and then go to bed shortly after, our bodies can't burn the calories/energy that we burn throughout the day before dinner time.

So, try practicing this week preparing for a bigger breakfast, (protein rich and not a big starchy carb, energy sucking breakfast)then make lunch your 2nd largest meal and a lighter dinner.

If you are someone who weighs yourself weekly, make this one simple change to your meal strategy for 7 days and test the scale. Otherwise, measure by how you FEEL- energy wise and if you feel less bloated - and how your clothes fit.

One Bite At A Time, One Meal At A Time, One Day At A Time!

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