Ahhhhhh.............the Fall season. It's not just officially here because we're in the second week of October, Autumn is showing us her presence as we breathe in the crisp morning air, witness the vibrant colors of falling leaves, and smell the burning wood and cinnamon & pumpkin in warmed food and drinks.

As we embrace the Fall season cozied up in layered scarves, sweatshirts and boots and gather together by fireside, at football fields and hiking trails, we say goodbye to Summer. Letting go of the past season and making room for the new.
If you're reading this, I'm guessing you, too, are on a path of self-discovery, perhaps in a state of transformation or possibly in a state of flux, seeking more meaning in your life.

As we step into the new Fall season, it's a great time to step up into we who we set out to BE back in January, when we set those new year's resolutions to ________________________ (fill in your blank). Whatever you set out to do or who you set out to be this year, it's not too late. In fact it's never too late! If you've fallen off the wagon, you can still fall back into healthier habits and living your best, healthiest, happiest, most inspired life. Whether we're three-fourth's through the year, or in mid or late life or feeling stuck in a set back.  It's never to late to make a change to be the person you want, yearn and dream to be!
In follow up to the last edition on How To Conduct a Self-Clearing Checklist, 5 Ways To Let Go, Live Lighter and Rise Higher, this new season offers us the perfect opportunity to "Fall Back" into Healthy Habits and Fall Back into who we set out to be in the new year. Even if you didn't set any new year's resolutions or goals, if you're seeking more for your life, now is the time to reset and ask "What If?, remembering that it's not too late.

Here are 5 Ways to Fall Back Into Your New Year's Resolutions (or Back Into Who You Want to BE)
1. If you made any new year's resolutions or goals, review and revisit it/them and write it down on a fresh piece of paper (or in your journal). Pick one and start there. Ask yourself WHY this was important to you and ask, is it still important to me today? If so visualize yourself making it happen and start taking action this week.

2. If you created a Vision Board, spend some time with your vision board and the imagery you envisioned for your life. Ask yourself, what images am I feeling energetically pulled towards? Which ones am I avoiding and why?

3. 90% of us set some type of health or fitness goal every year in January. And by now, almost 90% of us have stopped working on that healthy habit. Ask yourself why your health or fitness goal (whether it is a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual health goal) was important to you. Then ask yourself (Get real and dig deep!) what's holding you back from rising up and into your healthier self and start practicing your healthier habit starting today.

4. Remember who you want to BE and go put your ass where your heart is and start doing the work! Today and every day.

5. Embrace the process and take it One Bite At A Time. Remember to focus on the journey, not just your desired outcome or destination. Embrace each and every little step (bite) you make and take it all one day and one bite at a time.

For a healthy twist on a Fall favorite, try my Pumpkin Spiced Smoothie 
Cheers to you and falling back into living your best, healthiest, happiest, most inspired life. One  Bite At A Time.

With Love and Light, Susan