cocktail calories infographic "Happy Hour" - the good ole' work/school week social outing  or Weekend Cocktailing that can pack on the pounds, add belly bloat and prevent us from being our best, healthiest, leanest self. As I coach my clients in managing a healthy balance and aiming for the 80/20 ratio (80% of week eat and drink clean and move/exercise & save the 20% for your pleasures & treat foods - wine/beer/cocktails, Mexican food, pizza, desserts, etc.), alcohol consumption and "cocktailing" is a common lifestyle challenge for many. It's not just the alcohol we consume, but the detrimental cycle that follows of lower inhibitions to crave and eat unhealthy foods, interrupted sleep cycles, feeling tired and not as productive or active the next day. My Top 3 Tips on this are to: 1. Keep it to 2 alcoholic drinks per outing/evening. 2. Alternate with each alcoholic drink with water in between and after. 3. Save the alcohol for the weekend. Knowledge IS Power! So, check out this infographic on calorie count and consider this when drinking your calories. Better yet, schedule a different kind of happy hour and get together for a walk, run, hike, bike ride or workout and make it an active happy hour.

Cheers to Your Health & Fitness!