Banana Split Protein ShakeBerry Blend OatmealIf you're not already adding a protein to your breakfast, try starting your day with protein, such as eggs, a protein smoothie, nut butter & apple or banana or on 100% Whole Wheat toast or a scoop of protein powder mixed in with steel cut oats. . A protein-carb-healthy fat combination (all 3 Macronutrients) is ideal at each meal, especially breakfast for optimum energy and a balanced, healthy diet. Studies show that people who spread out protein throughout the day (ideally about 30 grams at each meal) gain a 25% boost in muscle building, compared with those who consumed most of their protein at dinner/end of the day. Consuming protein throughout the day provides a more balanced energy intake and optimizes muscle protein synthesis throughout the day. Here are 4  delicious protein rich breakfast ideas (see pictures). Click here for my recipes & other ideas -

Clean Egg Ramikin Breakfast

Eggs, Spinach & Red Peppers

Banana Walnut Sandwich